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At its core, “I Admit It” is about realizing what’s most important. Better stated, it’s about realizing who’s most important!

Shopé on Breakfast Television

Shopé recently premiered his new song “NEED SOMEONE” on Toronto’s highly-viewed morning TV show, Breakfast Television.

Who is Shopé?

With his internationally crafted sound, Toronto-based Shopé is bringing a unique energy to the global musicscape. The 2019 CBC Searchlight winner was originally born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, but later immigrated with his family to Toronto at the age of 11. No stranger to the classic immigrant struggle, the Nigerian-Canadian’s personal and musical narratives weave a tale of poverty, determination, love, and faith.

Shopé’s unique sound skillfully blends elements of Nigerian Afrobeats, with North American Hip Hop/R&B. The product, aptly called Afrofusion, is an infection mix of equal parts rhythm & melody that is honest, and vulnerable, yet bold and confident. As he masterfully bridges western & African cultures, Shopé continues to win global fans, to the tune of 5M+ streams and 60,000 social media followers. In 2019, he was selected to participate in the prestigious Allan Slaight JUNO Masterclass. In the same year, he also completed a coveted weeklong artist-in-residency program at the National Music Centre in Studio Bell. Shopé’s performance credits span premier festivals like CBC Music Festival, SXSW, CMW, and the JUNOS 2020 (later cancelled due to COVID19), showcasing alongside acts like; Tory Lanez, Jazz Cartier, Tyler Shaw, and Lecrae, just to name a few. His robust touring schedule has also taken him across Canada, USA, Europe and Africa.

Beyond the music, Shopé’s commitment to growth and human flouring evidences as a passion for education. All of his unique contributions to art & education set Shopé apart as a “one-to-watch” international artist, inspiring those in the African diaspora and beyond.


What Others Are Saying

“I first discovered Shopé and his song “Come Wid It” through the CBC Searchlight competition. As the winner of Searchlight we got to know Shopé well through the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class. He’s dedicated to his craft and has a bright future ahead of him. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him and his music.” Allan Reid  (President & CEO – CARAS, The JUNO Awards, MusiCounts)

“Shopé is the consummate professional, and a pleasure to work with. His outstanding artistry is matched by his attentiveness to the details of the business. Rarely does artistic excellence, professionalism and humility come in the same personality, but Shopé has it all. He takes the business side seriously, and the artistic side joyously. CBC Music is so invested in Shopé’s success and we look forward to seeing him conquer the world.” Kai Black (Executive Producer – CBC Music)

“My career has granted me the opportunity to work with brilliant musicians at all levels of achievement. As someone who has been managing global superstars for many years (Nelly Furtado, Alessia Cara, Tamia Hill) I recognize the unquestionable talent Shopé possesses. With the support of my efforts, along with his incredible talent and past achievements, Shopé will undoubtedly leave an outstanding mark on music. We at 21 Entertainment are proud to serve as part of the Management team for this remarkable artist, a testament to his elite standing and the highest possible compliment we could pay.” – Gregory Morrison (Head of Operations – Chris Smith Management / 21 Entertainment Group Inc.)


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