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XXY” is my first full-length project since 2016. This project represents an evolution of my sound and mission. Centring on the universal themes of love & romance, I’m taking a lot of risks by opening up myself in ways I’ve never done before.

“Love is complex! Simultaneously producing the most ecstatic pleasures and the most profound pains, it wields unflinching control over us. ‘XXY’ lives in this tension. Confessing the trials of romance yet still celebrating marriage as the ultimate expression of monogamous love.”

Pre-order “XXY” now and instantly get 4 songs, including “One Wish Away (ft. Joey Vantes)”, “Getaway (ft. Tyanna Alleyna)”, “Come Wid It” and “Stay”.



  1. The Introduction
  2. Get to Know
  3. Promise Me
  4. Lie to Me
  5. Nah Nah
  6. Je suis ici
  7. What She Wants
  8. Come Wid It
  9. Stay
  10. One Wish Away (ft. Joey Vantes, Quinten Coblentz, Adam Josh)
  11. To Love (ft. Sean C. Johnson)
  12. HEY!
  13. Nous deux
  14. Getaway (ft. Tyanna Alleyna)
  15. C’est vrai
  16. Two to Work

Pre-Order “XXY” smarturl.it/ShopeXXY

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